We would love to here what you think about Say it Right?  

How has the game impacted you in and out of the classroom?  Is it helpful?  Is it effective?  

What other games can you make up with the Game Board, and Game Cards?

What can we do better?

Thank you in advance for leaving a review :)




"I love this game.  It's simple and effective.  My students really enjoy it and they want to play it all the time.  I use it almost everyday.  Say It Right makes it so much easier to plan lessons as well.  The last hour of class we play the game and I feel like we review a lot and that my students are learning in an enjoyable manner.  GAME ON! " 

Ian, ELT Sydney, Australia

"Good English!"

Say it Right.

"Hi my name is Peter, I'm an American ESL teacher in South Korea.  I always carry Say It Right with me in my Back-Pack and use it for all my Private Lessons.  I use it with Adults and Children of all ages and it works.  Say it Right gets the job done and an hour of Private Lessons go quick."

Peter, ELT Seoul, South Korea

"Hi Douglas Teacher,

This Game is excellent.  I'm able to use it in my classroom with my University students.  They get really competitive and the environment gets intense in a good way.  My students were struggling with the Present Perfect Tense so I had them use the game to practice speaking using the sentence cards.  Now they can ask Wh-word and Yes/No questions to each other and they respond with an Affirmative or Negative sentence.  This game has been very Helpful!  Thank you!"

Cindy ELT Seattle, USA

"Hello Douglas Teacher!

I use it a lot for my mid level classes. The game is very useful especially when we are reviewing for an upcoming exam. I use it for extra points (whoever wins) as well as reinforcing grammar points. I have had 2 students in the last few months who enjoy this game and love the cards with all the examples on the back. I am working trying some alternatives in using this game as well as any criticism,  but so far I have nothing but positive comments. It's a very detailed, very well designed game."

Josh ELT Seattle, USA