Students want to play games.  

In my experience games provide an interactive environment where students participate, have fun, and learn at the same time.  



How to Play is Simple

Choose a Tense or up to 5 Tenses

Choose  A Verb

Draw A Sentence Card

Speak a Sentence Out loud with the Proper Subject, Verb and Time Expression in the Correct Tense.

Teachers ask their students if their sentence is their "Final Answer?" 

 (Teachers may allude to hints in the hint section on the bottom of the game board. There are also hints on the back of the Tense Cards)  

Teachers judge whether or not the sentence is correct.

If the sentence is correct the students may place an X or an O Card on the game board.  

Connect 4 X'S or O'S In A Row and WIN

Here are some students playing Say It Right with 5 different tenses.  Watch as they switch between tenses and speak English!  The teacher just sits back and relaxes while judging the game!!!  

Teachers Relax, Students Learn!

Here are some students playing Say It Right in the Future Be Going To Tense.  

You can review, focus on, and reinforce any tense in English!

The Say It Right Game Board also serves as an apparatus for Writing Drills.  Watch as the students Write in ENGLISH, Speak ENGLISH Out Loud, Make Mistakes in ENGLISH, and Learn ENGLISH.

From the most basic beginner level Say It Right serves as a prompting board to begin sentence construction in English.

 Students are able to see what they need to say and begin speaking English out loud early on in their language acquisition..

We as human beings learn when we make mistakes.  Say It Right creates an enjoyable learning environment where mistakes are welcome and easily explained.

Finally there is an ESL Board Game that's fun, exciting and actually teaches English.  Plus there are so many more games, drills, and activities to use with the Game Board and Cards!

 Purchase Say It Right By clicking the Button Below.  We ship anywhere in the world. 

Don't study too hard, Say it Right instead!


Douglas Teacher


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